Showdown on the Bricks: Dinner Theater Melodrama

Sunday, October 3, 2016



Tickets: $20 general admission, $14 students/ seniors (price includes dinner)

for tickets, please visit https://showdown-on-the-bricks.eventbrite.com or call 308-760-8863. We accept cash, checks, credit cards, and Paypal.

What’s the best part of any melodrama? Why, the villain, of course! Main Street Players Community Theater brings you double the fun with double the villains!! That’s right, it’s the duel of the villains as Snidely S. Snorton, villain extraordinaire, battles it out with his arch-rival, Howard Henge. It’s 1901, and Snidely is scheming to meet the rich widow of his dreams in a small railroad town on the Nebraska prairie. He arranges a beauty pageant for the daughters of widows, offering a staggering $100 prize! But Howard Henge shows up to foil his plans by entering his own daughter, Charity, into the pageant. Snidely counters by entering his…son? But what happens when the offspring of these rivals meet – and instantly fall in love? And who will win the hand of the Widow Kensington, the richest person in town (she only has $7 in the bank, but still…)? Throw in a banker who can’t add, a sheriff who can’t shoot (except himself in the foot), a suffragette aviatrix, feuding widows, and a hootchi-cootchie dancin’ grandma, and it’s fun for all at the old-fashioned melodrama! The evening will begin with a BBQ dinner from Sauced, included in the ticket price.


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Renee Kollars says:

    We have decided to become of a part of the Main Street Players. Can’t wait for this production. Please admit us on your site.

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