Summer fun!

A Midsummer Revelry

June 28, 2015, 6pm at Alliance’s Central Park, behind the Knight Museum and Sandhills Center

A variety show based on the works and times of William Shakespeare, featuring local actors and dancers:

Fairy Feud (from A Midsummer Night’s Dream) choreography by Kathy Lybarger, 7th Street Dance Studio. Featuring Trinity Trimble as Queen Titania and Tristan Bleisch as King Oberon

Musette by J.S. Bach – a violin solo by Linnea Bleisch

Helena’s monologue from A Midsummer Night’s Dream performed by Elora Bleisch

Love Story (Romeo and Juliet) dance solo by Tabi Stanec

Scarborough Fair (traditional) sung by Elaine Connelly Bleisch; cello by Elora Bleisch

Chanson Triste (Tchaikovsky) cello solo by Elora Bleisch

Fairy Lullaby – featuring Trinity Trimble at Titania, Tristan Bleisch as Oberon, Amaya Garcia as Puck, Trajan Garcia as Bottom, and Renee Kollars on violin

A River Flows Through You dance solo by Trinity Trimble

The Most Lamentable Comedy and Tragical Death of Pyramus and Thisbe – the play within a play from A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Ophelia (Natalie Merchant) dance solo by Elora Bleisch

I Hate Men from Kiss Me, Kate (a musical based on The Taming of the Shrew) written by Cole Porter, performed by Elaine Connelly Bleisch

Pantelone’s New Doctor – commedia dell’arte style comedy skit

Fairy Blessing

Fairies: Linnea Bleisch, Bailey Shannon, Kaitlin Shannon, Shawna Banks, Sierra Banks, Elissa Smith, Tabi Stanec, Sophia Hunsberger, Claire Hunsberger,  Emma Hunsberger, Diana Kollars, Sienna Rosentrater, Mykah Harris, and Amaya Garcia





2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Renee Kollars says:

    We have decided to become of a part of the Main Street Players. Can’t wait for this production. Please admit us on your site.

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