Luther, a down-on-his-luck prospector  (played by Heath Owens), begs Miss Julie, the mayor's daughter (played by Summer Swanson), for a kiss in "Trouble in Tumbleweed." Though the two are in love, the course of true love never runs smooth in a melodrama, as Julie's mother opposes the match and tries to throw her daughter at another, richer young man.

Coming Up:

The Main Street Players will perform “Trouble in Tumbleweed,” a melodrama by Tim Kelly at 7pm Friday Jan. 31 and Saturday Feb. 1, 2014 at the Performing Arts Center in Alliance – $8 general admission, $6 students & seniors – available at the door, from cast members, or at the Alliance Chamber of Commerce. A portion of the proceeds from the play will go to support the Team Mates program in Alliance.

Suggested by “The Inspector General,” a farce by Nikoloi Gogol, the play is set in 1880’s Tumbleweed, Arizona, a small town whose citizens are working for it to become the territorial capital. They are aided by a wealthy investor from Boston who sends money on every stage to help build the town. After seven years, the town consists of a hotel, a few stores, a schoolhouse with no roof, a jail full of chickens, a hospital full of derelicts, and a huge hole in the ground where the town hall is supposed to be. The money has all been squandered by the Mayor and his shirttail relatives, who he has hired to help him run the town. When they receive the shocking news that their benefactor is sending a Pinkerton agent to access the progress in Tumbleweed – an agent who may already be amongst them, incognito – the citizens panic and jump to conclusions about who the agent is.They then jump into action to try to impress him, or bribe him, into writing good report on them. Throw in a star-crossed pair of young lovers, an aspiring concert artist, a scheming “Diamond Lil” and a down-on-his-luck medicine show man, and hilarity ensues.

The play is directed by Elaine Connelly Bleisch and the cast consists of several MSP regulars as well as some new faces, including Jason Wentworth, Angela O’Leary, Kalin Krohe, Shawn Weibert, Meagan Shrewsbury, Kent Bleisch, Elora Bleisch, William Graham, Caitlin Obershaw, Kalin Krohe, Emma Penkava, Heath Owens, Darian Wilson, Amanda Knote, Emily Knote, Jason Hager, Summer Swanson, Anna Odeen, Brenda Patrick, Katy Patrick, Kim Galyen, and Jan Loomis.

The production is supported by donations from McCroskey Family, Mary Lynch, Darrin’s Carquest Auto Parts, Accent Chiropractic, Consumer’s Coop Credit Union, Dr. Brandon Wilcox, Frosted, Cardio Connection, Bank of the West, Steph’s Studio, Ackerman Ag, and Roller Hardware. Also thank you to Bloedorn Lumber and Tim Weston Construction for help with the set and Pam Klaus for help with costumes.

In addition, Sam and Louie’s Pizza will donate 15% of their proceeds to the Main Street Players on Wednesday, January 29!! Come have some great food and support great theater and a great cause!

The play is produced by special arrangement with PIONEER DRAMA SERVICE, INC., Englewood, CO.

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